SPACER is a site dedicated to a proposed standard model for history. The speed at which analytics is progressing, our ability to actually test the efficacy of this model, and others, is no longer far away. Alice in other words has already descended into the proverbial rabbit hole with humanities move into unstructured data analytics. Yes the acceleration rate in development has the world really spinning this quickly.

The waterfall from the application of analytics beginning with macroeconomics then moving into the humanities and therefore history can now only be a generation in the offing at most. Once analytics has been applied beyond the sciences in the fields of medicine, biology and business the only missing piece needed for priming an analytics system is a map or lexicon for a framework. There will be many proposed. This is site is dedicated to one of the many proposed frameworks which will come down the road.

The site is organized in two major sections. The first lays out the proposed model using words and graphs. The second section is organized by applying the logic from the model via paintings. Why paintings of all things? Because a painting like listening to music can often turn on the light of insight. Paintings can make connections where words sometimes do not. You will see how paintings actually changed the course of culture a century ago and society was really unaware of what drove those changes (see the painting below as a prime example). Parallels occurred in other fields but painting will be used here for thought experiments as it were.

Both of these areas are expanded to both layout the model in greater detail as well as to answer questions like why and how on earth Leo Boeckl came to build out such a model. It is an esoteric undertaking and that's why we asked him to explain how he got here.

However let's stop talking and jump in. The following painting applies images to symbolically represent how technology began changes in culture not scene since farming first ook hold in teh NearEast. The painting is 6 feet tall and 6 six feet wide. The painting is summarized below it. A more complete explanation is found on the interior of thinkpieces. The homepage will strive to feature the latest painting relative to the model here.

The latest painting in 2017 rendering the model: Postcards from the cultural revolution
Painting - Postcards from the cultural revolution

Until the mid 19th century the world was largely a pastoral society. Then suddenly industrialization began to make sweeping changes for society. There were other early observers working in the other cultural fields who also delivered almost identical messages at that time. However as Leo is most familiar with art history he chose the artists and their works to quite literally illustrate the point. The work traces the transmission of technology impacts on culture for industrial societies. For a description of the painting spanning the technologies, artists and movements please visit the featured painting page.

SPACER is the home of Leo Boeckl's proposed standard history model.